Search Engine Optimization Tips

If you’re looking for optimization tips and ways to improve your website’s rank, I can help you with some basic things to look out for. All of these are FREE on-site optimization tips, enjoy!

Title tags

Your name shouldn’t be the first keyword, you need to categorize your pages. Try putting your name at the front of your About pages, but leave it off the homepage. This is most important as the search engines need concrete words to use.

Keywords in your first sentence

This one is pretty easy, start your paragraphs well explained. You need to see what works best, and stick to it. Adding keywords throughout your copy, specifically in a strategic way will help search engines categorize your website properly.

Start getting links

This one’s easier said than done, but you should always trying to get your link online. Imagine a link as a bridge. Different roads will have the potential to connect one spot with another, over a bridge. Use back links as your bridge, to allow visitors to find you website more easily; This can be done through internet marketing or building free business citations.

Website authority

Back links alone won’t build your website’s authority. A website’s authority shows that you are serious about business and search engines respond to your website much easier. The way to improve your authority is to build quality and relevant links to your content. Strategic linking patterns are needed, otherwise Google will be alerted to the manipulation of their rankings. It’s not against policy for you to build links, but there’s a limit to what you can achieve. If the website has great authority, you can start building more links because ultimately, search engines see your website as a high authority figure now.

Website navigation

You need to be sure and properly categorize your website content for SEO purposes. Website navigation is important, you should only be interlinking when it’s necessary and relevant to your readers. Be sure to use clean website code and make it easy for search engines to index your website.

For the people

Build your website to be people-friendly. This is ultimately what the search engines pick up on. If people respond well to your website through good click through rates, you will likely be included in more result.

I hope these on-site optimization tips will serve you well and I hope you find you the SEO answers you were looking for! Good luck!

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