Google Authorship (Google+)

Have you also noticed an increase in author photos in Google? This new feature is called Rich Snippets is being pioneered by Google.

They are unraveling a bunch of new ways to markup your website data. If you want to be optimized for the search engine, than this is one of the easiest ways to do it. Not only will Rich Snippets make your website easier to index, people will likely respond better to your listing.

Types of Rich Snippets as of November, 2012

  • Breadcrumbs allow you to clean up the appearance of your URL, by providing a neat breadcrumb right on the search page.
  • Events allow you to add time and dates where a certain even will be held
  • Music allows a searcher to easily select songs from an artist, directly from the search engine.
  • Organizations snippets make it easy for Google to know everything about your business from a glance.
  • People markups provide details about your job, location, photo, and nicknames.
  • Product markup allows easy-to-index descriptions that Google can use in their Product search.
  • Recipe Snippets allow for a photo, rating, calories, preparation time, and more.
  • Reviews and ratings allow for stars and easy access to review counts.
  • Software application snippets allow for a photo of the app, price, carrier, and rating.
  • Video snippets allow for the video snapshot to be shown next to the listing
There are surely to be more options to choose from in the coming years. If you are interested in how to add authorship to your websites, I have included this below:

How to add website authorship

Today I added Google’s “Rich Snippets” meta to this website and I will go over with you exactly how I did it. There are certain things you must complete first, before editing your website html.

What you’ll need first

  • Email address from the domain (ex:
  • A Google+ account with a photo and your full name
  • Become verified through Google Authorship

Adding the “microformats” to your website

  • *Date: class=”date updated”
  • *Title: class=”title entry-title”
  • *Author: class=”fn”

Add these tags to your surrounding tag. For a more in depth look, see Google’s Rich Snippet Explanation.

How to preview your snippet

You can see how your listing will appear here on Google’s Rich Snippet Preview.

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Were you hit by Google Penguin?

Google Penguin releases this year with promise to take more action about spammy backlinks. There is a significant decrease in the weight of linking with anchor text, typically known as hyperlinking (and in extreme cases Google bombs). The attack is likely taking place because of the growing use of automation software and content generation. If your website has seen a large decline in rankings, Google Penguin may to blame. Here are some helpful tips for figuring out if you were penalized in the search engine.

  • Check Google Webmaster Tools to see if you have any messages. Sometimes Google will provide you with an explanation about your de-indexing. If you have no messages, check to see if you have pages indexed. To check your web pages, in Google search engine search “”. This will give you an idea of how many pages are published online, otherwise your web site is too poor quality to recieve organic traffic.
  • Google algorithm changes after Google Panda will only be increasingly strict about not using black hat SEO. Search engine optimization will become less about link building techniques and more about social interaction. The best way to avoid getting banned is to avoid web spam and avoid keyword stuffing. Never use duplication content and aim for relevant results.
  • Only try for organic link building through an SEO expert if you do plan on inflating your website authority. Advertising on the internet is not necessarily bad, but automated software and poor content generation is becoming a larger problem for the Google algorithm. Google went after affiliate marketing a few years back, to rid the internet of many bad poor quality affiliate web sites. Now they’re going for low quality websites in general, particularly those who try too hard.
  • Start writing new quality content and remove all poor quality or duplicate content. Start creating more in depth and better resources on your web site. You will see your listings go up and your visitor interaction and satisfaction improve. Keep your ears open and listen for what people are asking about, then write a high quality blog about it!
If you have bad links, it could be harder to get your web site indexed again once penalized. Google Penguin will make it difficult to launch yourself into the search engine with ease like back in the day.  Stay on top of SEO trends and check your Google Analytics. Webmaster tools is your best friend, use it or suffer the wrath of Google Penguin! Cheers!

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Can too many links hurt?

Google does penalize your website if you have too many links in a short amount of time. It’s what Matt Cutts considers inorganic link building tactics and this type of black hat SEO is now “under fire”. The Google Bot will be smarter and the Google cache will get more complicating, until using a hyperlink’s anchor text will be completely ignored. Using an SEO company to create an inbound marketing system is much better than using search engine optimization.

In-organic link building

When you do need to create buzz, it won’t be because you’re trying to rank in Bing. Bing is relatively easy compared to the beast Google. You will need to be very careful in your selection of SEO services. You should be thinking about putting out links through social networking, instead of spamming the internet. Professional SEO experts will only use the most professional SEO tools. Too many links will cause Google to see you as a spammer and someone that nobody would like to land on. Remember, Google is creating a service for their customers, and your over-optimized page won’t convert your visitors the way you need to. Be sure to avoid social media sites that are saturated in spam, as these will have less value.

Hyperlink building

You won’t want to create too many links with the same anchor. This is also a spam signal to Google and can get you dropped quick for having bad black hat SEO tactics. You will need to create sophisticated linking strategies to be effective in the future of spamming, if you think it’s the way to go. Personally, I believe that behavioral marketing is the future and it will be conversions that matter. However… if you can’t seem to rank because another expert SEO has gamed the system, it’s time to play ball.

Level the playing field

Effective SEO techniques start with strategic backlink building. This is through social media marketing, not putting links where nobody will go! Start putting your investment into true value, otherwise you will be penalized due to too many back links. Here the hint: Create Web 2.0 blogs with high quality content and link to yourself. Once you have nice properties which are indexed in Google, you build more back links to your blogs. This can be done with social bookmarking or forum posting.

Don’t penalize your website because you’re hasty. Your rankings will improve quickly if you only give it time. Just be sure to post content frequently and keep posting your links on social media platforms. Don’t ever resort to link farms, this is the sure way to get your penalized. If you’re going to create “inorganic” links, be sure mix up the anchor text. Good luck, thanks for reading!

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How to get good back links

Search engines rely on quality content and good link building to create its search index. The best way to get back links relies heavily on your ability to cross promote your website or get linked to (otherwise known as going viral). If you can create compelling content that your readers will want to share, there’s a good chance you can gain back links. A good set of search engine optimization tips on how to get back links:

  • Ask for a link or offer to cross promote your website with another business owner. This is the best way to build back links to your web site, while create potential for more internet marketing solutions.
  • Consider writing relevant content that your customers would want to read. This is an integrated marketing plan when combining this with simple education. Educate your customers, they will educate their friends, and so on.
  • Create relevant images and use image optimization. Once you use social media to promote your image, it will begin showing up around the internet. This is a good way to reach an audience and increase traffic. Learn how to create info-graphics, background images, or upcoming event flyers.
  • If you are a local business, local listings can be good ways to build authority for your web site. Internet marketing is sometimes as simple as being where your customers are search, like Google search engine or Bing.

If you are looking to create back links on a mass scale, you may be trying too hard. It isn’t the amount of back links you want; it’s the quality you want to aim for. It’s important not to pay companies for link building that use “black hat” otherwise you may get penalized by Bing or the Google search engine. All major search engines disapprove of manipulative tactics such as adding yourself to link farms or buying links on any non relevant website.

Relevant content plays a critical role in having a website that Google will want to index. Without relevant content, the entire link building in the world will not get you the rank higher in search engines. We can help you with link building services if you need a helping hand.

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SEO Myths

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Organic SEO Myths for Internet Marketing

Here are 3 of the biggest SEO myths that exist today and little ways you can avoid wasting your own time. As with all forms of marketing, it’s important to stay up-to-date with emerging trends. Trends change all the time and what is myth today could be legend tomorrow. Don’t believe all SEO myths you see, but realize that internet marketing is more than just a marketing plan; Internet marketing is extremely important for sales techniques. We have some good SEO tips following:

How much does Google see?

As much as everyone would love to think Google is an all-seeing entity, it hasn’t reached that point yet. The problem here is certain tactics you use today, may get you penalized later on. I see countless amounts of “black hat” SEO still going on today, but it’s only going to last for so long. Once the search engines change these algorithms, websites who were using low quality ways of link building will soon plummet in the index. Do it right the first time, because eventually Google Ads will likely see all, or at least most.

Does keyword optimization work?

It would be amazing if a perfectly constructed website alone would put you at the top. The only issue here is people would easily manipulate this system. It’s much more natural to get a website to rank higher, if there are more websites linking to it. Keywords are definitely a big part of SEO, but in no way is it the only thing you should use. It’s important to have a solid marketing plan if you want your sales techniques to become better. Don’t use Blackhat SEO, the Google algorithm is already on to that and it will only hurt your search engine rankings. Keyword marketing myths are something that takes delicacy, an SEO expert is needed.

Does reverse SEO work?

While this may have been true a few years back, reverse SEO is now dead. It’s becoming increasingly harder to view your competitors back link sources, so the old ways are harder to come by. Reverse SEO is simply putting your links where your competitors are as well, which evens out the 2 website’s authority. Now-days however, simply submit your website to directories and you will gain that important back link you’ve been missing.

What to learn more SEO tips? Learn more about optimization with our blog or our free SEO guide. Don’t believe all the SEO myths you read because they are only myths! The Google algorithm myths are something almost untouchable. Nobody wants to talk about it because somebody is making money, somewhere. Now if you could just get your marketing plan solid.. You may need an SEO guide!

Good luck, don’t listen to internet marketing myths! They’re there to mislead you from a better marketing plan.

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Social Media and Search Optimization

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The Pros and Cons of Social Media

Social media has become a huge fad in search engines the past years, but what does it all mean? The reason people are jumping for social media is because they think it’s the new social search engine. Social media is an OK place to market your product, but you’ll need to do it right the first time. Nobody likes to receive junk mail, so the methods of advertising are becoming increasingly subtle.

Subtle marketing through social interaction

The nice thing about the internet is the ability to see what your customers are saying about you or your product. With social media, it’s now possible to socially interact with them online. Say a customer is thrilled about you and says good things online, this can be something you use as marketing material. If a customer is unhappy, you can console them and provide ways to fix this. People may see your interactions and have an opinion, which can build or break your business.

Become memorable

The most important factor affecting social interaction is your customer’s ability to recall who you are and what you do. Ways to become more memorable can be:

  • Create a brand – Having a good brand doesn’t have to do with search engine optimization as it does marketing. Having a solid brand will get the HUMAN engine to remember you.
  • Pick a color – This is important in optimizing your brand, as you’ll need to create a solid identity through color and style.
  • Optimize your social pages – Optimizing your social pages for search can be extremely helpful, as it gives you an additional listing in the search engine.
  • Reach out – Reaching out to your customer through local social optimization can do wonders on bringing back existing customers.

Be careful and good luck

Marketing online shouldn’t all be about running ads through your customers’ faces. The best way to keep customers happy and prevent them from blocking your communication is to only reach out socially when it’s absolutely necessary. Educate your clients and send them things that make them smile, not cringe. Keep it real and you’ll be right where you want to be!

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If you’re looking for the best free directories to include your business in, here are our top 5 choices for business listings. As with all directories, it’s important to use keywords in the title first, before your company name. You don’t want your free directory listing to show up higher than your own website. This can help increase your search engine optimization and increase your amount of visitors and are Yellow Pages alternatives for business listings.

  • Yelp is a good directory because of their online web presence. While their rating system is questionable, it’s a good idea to get yourself a Yelp and link to your website from the Yelp account. Search engine marketing through Yelp is a good idea for small businesses looking to build a reputation.
  • Yellow Pages is a free service that provides other side marketing services. Yellow pages formed from the need for advertising on the internet, and the increasing use of search via computer. This is not internet advertising, these are free business listings.
  • Manta is a business directory that allows you to advertise on your competitors’ listing. They offer free and premium accounts. No more paying pay per click with organic SEO, such as using Manta to increase your search engine ranking and internet traffic.
  • CitySearch provides business listings for your area. Be careful with this website however, they won’t remove bad reviews, even if they are slander.
  • Hotfrog is an excellent way to get a back link. Their directory is free and you’ll want to link to your website. Hotfrog is great for inbound marketing through advertising agencies.

Start submitting!

Sometimes a busy business owner can’t stay up on this internet marketing plan, we can submit to directories for you. Stop using Yellow Pages that cost you too much. Start using a more strategic internet marketing plan. Our SEO services are always available for the business owner who wants to boost his or her rankings in Google. Submitting your business listings to directories will increase your amount of online exposure and make it easier for search engines to find you. Without mentioning you should know by know to submit to Google Places and Bing the first day. It’s free to participate in social networking and having a social media marketing plan. Use a keyword tool and Google Analytics to target the correct terms.  Thank you for considering this list of the 5 best web directories as well as our other SEO services and best wishes to your internet marketing plan!

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Internet Marketing Techniques

If you own a website, you can see how important internet marketing techniques are. Many webmaster’s new to the internet don’t use a delicate touch with optimization, usually back firing and getting pushed down in the search engines and resulting in the need for better internet marketing techniques. It’s important to realize that internet marketing is just like any marketing: It takes time, effort, and a lot of investment. There are easier FREE ways to do SEO, which I will outline below. Make sure you are on top of all internet marketing trends and pay attention to what people say. In other words, listen to your customer! Stop using “black hat SEO” and get an integrated marketing plan that includes social media marketing.

5 Ways to Marketing Online FREE

  • Social profiles: Creating a few social profiles can make all the difference when trying to bring in repeat business. Ways to bring back visitors are simple: Connect with their social media account, and provide interesting content for them to read. The more interesting your content is, they more people will likely read your material. Check Google Plus and Bing company profile.
  • RSS feeds: Having your own RSS feed is important in today’s internet marketing. RSS stands for Real Simple Syndication. New stories go directly to your reader’s email box, so they can easily read your new blog. New blogs show up in their email box like a message, once the reader subscribes to your RSS feed. This is a great marketing plan that works perfect in your internet marketing plan.
  • Email marketing: Marketing to your customers through their email box is a great and inexpensive way to advertising your product. Don’t forget that your customer is just like you; they don’t like spam and appreciate custom tailored email content.
  • Search engine advertising: Search advertising can be done through companies like Google and Microsoft. You will pay per click, with expensive bidding auctions to gain clicks. Pay per click campaigns need to be handled by an expert, as these campaigns return a negative ROI if not done correctly. Now how can search engine advertising be free? There are many $50 or $100 offers that search engines give away free. Get on the webmaster list or search for a coupon. This is a good way to test the waters for FREE, before jumping in. Search engine optimization is the ideal corporate strategy as it focuses on long term internet marketing techniques.
  • Search engine optimization: Unlike search advertising, search engine optimization provides you with organic visitors. Organic visitors come from broad varieties of keywords, and are completely free. Usually you will need to hire experts to optimize your website, and build back link authority. Search engine optimization is one of the most valuable investments you can make in internet marketing. This includes submitting your web site to Bing and Google search engine.

Now you have a better understanding of internet marketing, and the free marketing techniques to use them. Create a solid internet marketing plan and you will increase your search engine market share. If you’d like to learn more about search engine optimization, we have our own SEO Q&A guide. Good luck!

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What is SEO and why use it?

Search engine optimization is commonly referred to as SEO. Search engine optimization is an important tactic in internet marketing, as you are inflating your authority and social buzz to rank higher. Optimization also includes preparing proper optimized content for the search engines to read and index. If your website has major competition and you aren’t search engine marketing, you likely won’t get better Google page results anytime soon. Here’s a quick SEO overview with additional resources of knowledge:

Search engine optimization break-down:

  • On-site optimization checks for XML sitemaps, broken links, spam pages, robots.txt, H1 header tags, add meta tags, improve your high bounce rate, check a heat map, use anchor text, check keyword density, use image optimization, content categorization, SEO friendly navigation, mark-up on keywords, correct linking structure, optimize for image searches and much more.
  • Off-site optimization is the process of building back links, getting anchor links from high quality relevant content such as a press release, improving CTR from search engine, checking competition tactics, provides keyword analysis, monthly reporting, and much more.
  • Internet marketing is done through search, which is the source of internet leads. Internet search engines rely on checking bounce rates and meta tags. Major search engines typically approve of ethical SEO, unlike using keyword stuffing.
  • Optimization can including search optimization but it’s also important to optimize for good conversion. Use Google Analytics to check your organic SEO and a keyword tool to find what’s popular.

What can SEO do for my web site?

SEO can do wonders for your internet traffic! When you are correctly optimized in Google, Yahoo, Bing, Ask, or AOL, you have a much better chance of your website becoming recognized by search engines. Even if they’ve never heard of you before, a new customer is just a search away. Search engine optimization focuses on targeting keywords that mostly get searched. We find the optimum keywords with our competitive analysis tool, and target the terms that will provide the best results for your website with SEO management. Internet marketing is key and SEO is something that you need if you expect your marketing plan to work in a social media landscape. Start by learning how to add meta tags and improve your bounce rate with conversion split testing. Keep at your keyword research until you are spreading your listing to different search engines.

Now’s the time to learn SEO!

Read, test, read more, try again! Eventually you won’t be asking “what is SEO?” and will start to catch on and become better at optimizing content for your website. Remember to use Google Analytics and any keyword tool you can get your hands on. It’s important to have the right keyword density on some pages, but not all: This is considered key wording stuffing which is blackhat SEO. When you know what is SEO, be sure to use search engine optimization correctly otherwise your meta tags were all a time-waster. We have our own basic SEO guide and have many more articles on our SEO blog. Thanks for reading!

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Why Blogs Are Important for SEO

Having a blog is one of the easiest ways to increase your website’s potential in the search engine. The important SEO details are in the blog. Optimizing your website will help search engines “understand” your content and increase the chances of “blanketing” the search engine. Here I will share with you the most important aspects of optimization and having a blog.

Blogs are a CMS and SEO Goldmine

CMS stands for content management system. Search engine optimization is easier with a CMS, mainly because the program handles all meta tag data and meta keyword tags. Link metrics are built behind the scenes in CMS, so optimization is easier and the Google search engine can easily pick up your data. This data stores important and relevant information inside content such as:

  • Title tags
  • Description tags
  • Header tags
  • Internal links
  • New pages
  • Back-end sitemaps
  • Search engine friendly URLs
  • Worpress Plugins

This saves you much time and optimizes the linking potential. Link structure is important, and CMS systems typically are easy for search engines to index because they create good internal link structures. Internal linking properly is important, as it sub-categorizes all your content for the search engines. Also SEO friendly images will let search engine spiders understand your content better.

It’s easy to post new blogs

Search engines like seeing new content each time they return. It reinstates their own importance, and they will continue to crawl your website. When search engines crawl your content frequently, it’s easier to create buzz about your website according to Google. Internal linking will end up creating you more and more back links with each new page you post, be sure to attach a meta tag to your blog post.

Sitemap.xml and “crawl-ability”

CMS blogs like WordPress will automatically optimize and create a list of all your links. Each page is assigned an importance and can easily be re-crawled by search engines if the page is updated. Sitemaps are generated for the search robots, as it saves energy and time to create a back-end index. Check Google Webmaster Tools or Google Analytics inside the Google Dashboard to learn more about Google Sitemaps.

Social media and Google Reader

Tools like Google Reader or RSS can help increase your online visibility without changing your meta tags or working about the ranking algorithm. Of course you can write search engine friendly content for better search engine rankings. A blog can connect you with the population with a better web presence.

All this and more is why having a blog on your website is important and will help SEO your website grow its audience. Be sure to optimize content accordingly, otherwise search engines won’t pay attention!

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