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Have you also noticed an increase in author photos in Google? This new feature is called Rich Snippets is being pioneered by Google.

They are unraveling a bunch of new ways to markup your website data. If you want to be optimized for the search engine, than this is one of the easiest ways to do it. Not only will Rich Snippets make your website easier to index, people will likely respond better to your listing.

Types of Rich Snippets as of November, 2012

  • Breadcrumbs allow you to clean up the appearance of your URL, by providing a neat breadcrumb right on the search page.
  • Events allow you to add time and dates where a certain even will be held
  • Music allows a searcher to easily select songs from an artist, directly from the search engine.
  • Organizations snippets make it easy for Google to know everything about your business from a glance.
  • People markups provide details about your job, location, photo, and nicknames.
  • Product markup allows easy-to-index descriptions that Google can use in their Product search.
  • Recipe Snippets allow for a photo, rating, calories, preparation time, and more.
  • Reviews and ratings allow for stars and easy access to review counts.
  • Software application snippets allow for a photo of the app, price, carrier, and rating.
  • Video snippets allow for the video snapshot to be shown next to the listing
There are surely to be more options to choose from in the coming years. If you are interested in how to add authorship to your websites, I have included this below:

How to add website authorship

Today I added Google’s “Rich Snippets” meta to this website and I will go over with you exactly how I did it. There are certain things you must complete first, before editing your website html.

What you’ll need first

  • Email address from the domain (ex:
  • A Google+ account with a photo and your full name
  • Become verified through Google Authorship

Adding the “microformats” to your website

  • *Date: class=”date updated”
  • *Title: class=”title entry-title”
  • *Author: class=”fn”

Add these tags to your surrounding tag. For a more in depth look, see Google’s Rich Snippet Explanation.

How to preview your snippet

You can see how your listing will appear here on Google’s Rich Snippet Preview.

For personalized answers regarding Google Snippets and what they can do for your website, contact Justin at

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