Were you hit by Google Penguin?

Google Penguin releases this year with promise to take more action about spammy backlinks. There is a significant decrease in the weight of linking with anchor text, typically known as hyperlinking (and in extreme cases Google bombs). The attack is likely taking place because of the growing use of automation software and content generation. If your website has seen a large decline in rankings, Google Penguin may to blame. Here are some helpful tips for figuring out if you were penalized in the search engine.

  • Check Google Webmaster Tools to see if you have any messages. Sometimes Google will provide you with an explanation about your de-indexing. If you have no messages, check to see if you have pages indexed. To check your web pages, in Google search engine search “site:www.YOURSITE.com”. This will give you an idea of how many pages are published online, otherwise your web site is too poor quality to recieve organic traffic.
  • Google algorithm changes after Google Panda will only be increasingly strict about not using black hat SEO. Search engine optimization will become less about link building techniques and more about social interaction. The best way to avoid getting banned is to avoid web spam and avoid keyword stuffing. Never use duplication content and aim for relevant results.
  • Only try for organic link building through an SEO expert if you do plan on inflating your website authority. Advertising on the internet is not necessarily bad, but automated software and poor content generation is becoming a larger problem for the Google algorithm. Google went after affiliate marketing a few years back, to rid the internet of many bad poor quality affiliate web sites. Now they’re going for low quality websites in general, particularly those who try too hard.
  • Start writing new quality content and remove all poor quality or duplicate content. Start creating more in depth and better resources on your web site. You will see your listings go up and your visitor interaction and satisfaction improve. Keep your ears open and listen for what people are asking about, then write a high quality blog about it!
If you have bad links, it could be harder to get your web site indexed again once penalized. Google Penguin will make it difficult to launch yourself into the search engine with ease like back in the day.  Stay on top of SEO trends and check your Google Analytics. Webmaster tools is your best friend, use it or suffer the wrath of Google Penguin! Cheers!

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  • Duchait says:

    hmmm… all you write is pretty true. As penguin come it becomes the major update of giant G. Most of my clients site hit by it and there’s a sudden dip in their PR too.
    I thought it hit the most Link Building.