Can too many links hurt?

Google does penalize your website if you have too many links in a short amount of time. It’s what Matt Cutts considers inorganic link building tactics and this type of black hat SEO is now “under fire”. The Google Bot will be smarter and the Google cache will get more complicating, until using a hyperlink’s anchor text will be completely ignored. Using an SEO company to create an inbound marketing system is much better than using search engine optimization.

In-organic link building

When you do need to create buzz, it won’t be because you’re trying to rank in Bing. Bing is relatively easy compared to the beast Google. You will need to be very careful in your selection of SEO services. You should be thinking about putting out links through social networking, instead of spamming the internet. Professional SEO experts will only use the most professional SEO tools. Too many links will cause Google to see you as a spammer and someone that nobody would like to land on. Remember, Google is creating a service for their customers, and your over-optimized page won’t convert your visitors the way you need to. Be sure to avoid social media sites that are saturated in spam, as these will have less value.

Hyperlink building

You won’t want to create too many links with the same anchor. This is also a spam signal to Google and can get you dropped quick for having bad black hat SEO tactics. You will need to create sophisticated linking strategies to be effective in the future of spamming, if you think it’s the way to go. Personally, I believe that behavioral marketing is the future and it will be conversions that matter. However… if you can’t seem to rank because another expert SEO has gamed the system, it’s time to play ball.

Level the playing field

Effective SEO techniques start with strategic backlink building. This is through social media marketing, not putting links where nobody will go! Start putting your investment into true value, otherwise you will be penalized due to too many back links. Here the hint: Create Web 2.0 blogs with high quality content and link to yourself. Once you have nice properties which are indexed in Google, you build more back links to your blogs. This can be done with social bookmarking or forum posting.

Don’t penalize your website because you’re hasty. Your rankings will improve quickly if you only give it time. Just be sure to post content frequently and keep posting your links on social media platforms. Don’t ever resort to link farms, this is the sure way to get your penalized. If you’re going to create “inorganic” links, be sure mix up the anchor text. Good luck, thanks for reading!

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