Stress Management and Taking Vacations

March 28th, 2012 | Posted by Justin in Reducing Stress | Work Health

Stress Management & Vacations

Most of us would think going for a vacation is dispensable, when the reality is taking a vacation is indispensable. And between you and I, we don’t take vacations often enough when it is vital for our health and well–being, particularly as an escape for your mind and body. Read more to know how taking vacations can be used as stress management.

Quoted from Kathleen Hall, founder of The Stress Institute in Atlanta; “Taking a vacation is not a luxury — it’s a necessity”. When you are not taking enough vacations to relieve the stress and burden from your work, your body will unable to relax properly and you will develop stress symptoms such as;

  • Headaches and migraines
  • Poor judgement and decision making
  • Insomnia, irregular sleep patterns or sleep deprivation
  • Chronic back pain
  • Chronic stress, leading to anxiety treatment
  • Gaining weight or losing weight, both at a short time
  • Fatal diseases such as heart attack, stroke, and diabetes

Although the rate and the capacity to handle stress varies from one person to another, the end result is still the same. Despite the consequences, people are still lured to the idea that you reap what you sow . Becoming a workaholic is seen as a desirable trait while taking a break now and then is seen as lazy and unproductive, although it is essential to maintain your general health and well–being. And now, studies have shown that taking a break at certain intervals can increase your productivity rate, even it’s just a one day vacation. Positive thinking is increased when a healthy relationship is encouraged by an additional positive attitude. Have you ever seen someone work so hard, but seem to keep struggling no matter how hard they try? Deep breathing exercises will help you handle stress and improve your overall productivity.

Taking a well–deserved vacation is beneficial to your health and many reasons you are supporting it to enchance your creativity. You will reconnect, exploring new adventures and helps you to think out of context, away from the repetition of your work environment. You can also avoid possibility of burnout (or worse, a nervous breakdown) by taking regular breaks, maintain good nutrition, and healthy lifestyle.

Taking vacations also help your stress management by reconnecting with your loved ones, sharing problems, and being supportive during the hard times. Even if you don’t have any family, building a new relationship also works. By relieving your problems and sharing your worries with other person, you will feel better and maintain self realization. You’ll sleep better and improve your home health. Avoid post traumatic stress “someday” by using simple stress management today.

There is no the right way to relieve stress when taking vacations. It is all up to you to pick one vacation that suits you. Do you prefer adventure outdoors, quite spost by the beach, or just lounging in a cabin in the mountains? It is all up to you, but a healthy lifestyle starts today.

Go ahead and book a vacation well–deserved just for you. Keep a positive attitude and increase your decision making potential. Above all else, we have one life, so just Make. Sure. You. Live It!

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